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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Europäische Ethnologie


Research at CARMAH is conducted in many different ways. Our main research project Making Differences in Berlin: Transforming Museums and Heritage in the 21st Century focuses in particular upon the changing role and potentials of museums and heritage in the production of difference and diversity, with special emphasis on how these development take place in Berlin. This project is funded out of Sharon Macdonald's 3.5 million EUR Alexander-von-Humboldt prize.

CARMAH researchers are also involved in a continually expanding list of affiliated research projects from a variety of funding sources, resulting in publications, talks and panels and press coverage.

One of our most important activities is to engage with other scholars and museum practitioners on current issues in museums and heritage, particularly in Berlin, and to encourage ideas exchange and discussions through different formats at CARMAH. Our page Reflections provides several thoughtfully curated critical insights on these events.


CARMAH has a new website which provides up-to-date information on our projects, publications, reflections and other forms of public engagement - to follow our activities please visit www.carmah.berlin.