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Regimes of Mobility

Eröffnungsvortrag von Noel B. Salazar (Leuven) zur Tagung "Mobilität_Migration_Gesellschaft. Umkämpfte Politiken der Klassifikation"
  • Wann 09.06.2016 von 18:00 bis 19:30
  • Wo Raum 311
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Zum Auftakt der Tagung "Mobilität_Migration_Gesellschaft. Umkämpfte Politiken der Klassifikation" haben wir Noel B. Salazar zum Thema der "Regimes of Mobility" gewinnen können.


Ausführliches Programm und inhaltliche Zielsetzung findet sich hier als PDF


Regimes of Mobility

In-depth research on the situated articulations between socioculturally inflected regimes of movement, mobility representations, and personal ideas about translocal mobilities is a fruitful way for analyzing the dynamic tension between on-going processes of mobility and fixity. In this talk, I start by sketching a conceptual framework to study (im)mobility and then draw upon historical as well as ethnographic examples to illustrate how regimes of mobility operate in the fields of education, work and leisure.

Glick-Schiller, Nina/Salazar, Noel B.: Regimes of Mobility Across the Globe. In: Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2013, Vol. 39, No. 2, 183-200. URL:

Noel B. Salazar is Research Professor in Anthropology at the University of Leuven, Belgium. He is editor of the Worlds in Motion (Berghahn) and Anthropology of Tourism (Lexington) book series, co-editor of Regimes of Mobility (2014, Routledge) and Tourism Imaginaries (2014, Berghahn) and author of Envisioning Eden (2010, Berghahn) and numerous peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on mobility and travel. Salazar sits on the editorial boards of, among others, American Anthropologist, Annals of Tourism Research, Transfers, Applied Mobilities and the Mobile Culture Studies Journal. He is vice-president of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, past president of the European Association of Social Anthropologists and founder of ANTHROMOB, the EASA Anthropology and Mobility Network. In addition, Salazar is on UNESCO’s and UNWTO’s official roster of consultants and an expert member of the ICOMOS International Cultural Tourism Committee and the UNESCO-UNITWIN Network ‘Culture, Tourism and Development’. In 2013, Salazar was elected as member of the Young Academy of Belgium.