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STS Lab: Max Koch-Grünberg on Self-Tracking

  • Wann 01.11.2016 von 10:00 bis 12:00
  • Wo 107 a
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Max will present a short talk he will give at the graduate conference of the "Normative Orders" cluster at the Goethe University Frankfurt. The talk will be about the practice of self-tracking in relation to other ways of knowing oneself: 
In the tradition of STS the coordination and frictions of scientific and non-scientific perspectives have been long discussed. But what changes when these perspectives do not only share the same object, but also spring from a single subject?
As a test run for the conference Max is happy to receive feedback and critique to refine his presentation, nting that: "One thing that puzzles me at the moment is the panel I've been put in: Post-human Politics."
If interested you can find more details about the conference here: