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IfEE Online



IfEE Online Basics

Please always watch the "IfEE Online Basics" video first and watch the "Installation" or "Troubleshooting" videos if you are experiencing any issues. For further tips and questions check the FAQ's at the bottom of this page.


Download Mumble here:

IP Address/Server Name for the IfEE Online:


Contact Info
  • If you are a staff member or guest of the IfEE and still experiencing issues after watching the videos and reading the FAQs, please contact:
  • If you are a student of the IfEE and still experiencing issues after watching the videos and reading the FAQs, please contact: 
    Please be aware that our student assistants do not work full-time and it might take a while until you receive a response.
  • If you are a student of the IfEE and do not have the necessary hardware please contact:


Naming Guidelines for the IfEE-Online

Please use "FirstnameLastname-Status" when entering your name. The "status" should be as follows:

  • "FirstnameLastname-IfEE" for staff members
  • "FirstnameLastname-BA" for BA students
  • "FirstnameLastname-MA" for MA students
  • "FirstnameLastname-BA" for BA students
  • "FirstnameLastname-Dok" for PhD students
  • "FirstnameLastname-Guest" for guests
  • Add additionally -SHK (for student assistant) or -FSI (for Fachschaftsinitative) if you are member of these groups


IfEE Online Installation


IfEE Online Troubleshooting


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


1. How can I switch between "voice activation" and "push-to-talk" mode?

If you are having an unstable connection, a bad microphone, echo sounds or loud background-noises on your end, please switch from voice activation to push-to-talk mode. This means that others can only hear you when you are pressing a specific button on your keyboard.  First, click on "configure" (top bar on your screen) and choose the "audio wizard". Simply redo the steps shown in the "Installation" video until you reach the step "Voice Activity Detection". Choose "Push to Talk" here and define the key on your keyboard you want to use.


2. How can I turn off notifications in the chat on the left?

If you are participating in a group conversation, the chat will inform you about any incoming and outgoing users as well as users activating or deactivating their microphones. It is highly recommended to turn these notifications off.
1. click on the "setting" button on your screen (little blue gearwheel)
2. go to "messages" (left side)
3. deactive the checkmarks for "user joined server", "user left server" and every check-mark with options including "muted" or "deafened"


3. How can I activate notifications when someone enters the room I am in?

This is useful for staff members who want to be notified if someone enters their virtual office while they have their headphones turned off or running Mumble in the background.
1. click on the "setting" button on your screen (little blue gearwheel)
2. go to "messages" (left side)
3. For the option "user joined channel" activate the check-marks on "notification" and "highlight"


4. How can I turn off the computer-voice reading out loud all the chat messages?

As explained in the basics video, please click on "configure" (top of the screen) and and deactive "text-to-speech".


5. On Mac OS: Why is Mumble asking me to grant permission for a variety of programms?

We don't know. Aside from your microphone and headphones/headsets, Mumble shouldn't need these permissions. You are free to deny them, Mumble should still run stable.


6. On Mac OS: When trying to install Mumble I receive the error report "'Mumble' can't be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software" - What do I do?

Click "Ok" on the error report. Then go to your Security Settings. There you can approve the installation for Mumble. You might have to do this everytime you are restarting the software.


7. I get a report saying "Server presented a certificate which failed verification" / "Der Server hat ein Zertifikat gesendet, dessen Überprüfung gescheitert ist."

Click "Yes" in the report window. Then you should be able to connect to the server.


8. If I want to join a person in a room, should I just enter or chat first?

Best to use common sense; if you are a student and having an appointment with a professor, for example, you might just enter. If you are seeing that another person is already in the room and talking to the professor, you might want to send a private chat message first. We do not have a standardized netiquette as of now.


9. I used the wrong username when I originally logged in. How do I change it?

When you open Mumble a window opens, that lets you connect to the Ifee-Online Server. On said window, click "Edit..." on the bottom. There you can change your username. Please follow our naming guidelines stated above.


10. I keep getting disconnected from the Server - Why is this happening?

Make sure you are not connected to the VPN. This may cause this problem. You do not need a VPN-Connection to connect to the IfEE Online Server.