Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Europäische Ethnologie




Panel: ‘Time and Tradition: Theorising the temporalities in and of cultural production’ (convened with Prof Georgina Born), ASA 2018, University of Oxford, UK. 18-21 September 2018. [LINK]

Workshop: ‘Anthropology, Art, and Alterity’. Two-day symposium funded by CARMAH and hosted by the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (HKW) in collaboration with SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin/Germany, 13-14 September 2018. [LINK & FULL PROGRAMME]

Network Panel: ‘Art and Nativism’ (Anthropology and the Arts – ANTART – Panel)’, convened with Roger Sansi (Barcelona). Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), Stockholm/Sweden, 14-17 August 2018.

Conference/Humboldt Kolleg: “Anthropology and Performance Studies”, convened with Prof Tracy C. Davis (Northwestern) and Prof Lye Tuck-Po (Universiti Sains Malaysia). Funded by Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Wenner Gren Foundation. Penang/Malaysia, 6-10 August 2018.

Conference: ‘CARMAH Research Encounter #1’. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Berlin/Germany, 6 July 2018.

Panel: ‘The Future of Anthropological Representation: Contemporary Art and/in the Ethnographic Museum: The Future of Anthropological Representation’. Chair and Convenor of Panel at Royal Anthropological Institute Major Conference ‘Art, Materiality, and Representation’, British Museum/SOAS, London/UK. 1-3 June 2018.

Seminar series/Institutskolloquium: “Conjunctures and Creations: Anthropological Transformations / Transformations of Anthropology”. Co-organiser with Sharon Macdonald and Tahani Nadim, Institutskolloquium, Centre of Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage, Department of European Ethnology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin/Germany. SS 2018 (April-July 2018).



Discussion Series: Gallery Reflections. Series of curated panel discussions as part of the ifa-gallery Berlin’s one-year programme Untie to tie: Colonial Legacies and Contemporary Societies, ifa-Galerie, Berlin/Germany. [Link to Introduction]

- Gallery reflection #1 (4 May 2017) ‘Urban Decolonisation and Diasporic Formations’ (with Dr Noa Ha, Hyunsin Kim, and Trang Tran Thu) [LINK TO VIDEO]

- Gallery reflection #2 (7 September 2017) ‘Traces, Legacies, and Futures: On Art and ink to VideoTemporality’ (with Prof Silvy Chakkalakal, Prof Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll, Nora Al-Badri) [LINK TO VIDEO]

- Gallery reflection #3 (16 November 2017) ‘Art and New Intersectional Feminisms (with Alanna Lockward, Kathy-Ann Tan, and Federica Bueti). [LINK TO VIDEO]

- Gallery reflection #4 (15 March 2018) ‘Protesting Identities’ (with Candice Breitz, Dr Azadeh Sharifi, Natasha Ginwala). [LINK]

- Gallery reflection #5 (16 May 2018) ‚Reflecting reflections’ (with Alya Sebti).



Conference: Mid-way conference of the Making Differences in Berlin organised by the Centre for Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage (CARMaH), Department of European Ethnology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin/Germany. 26–28 July 2017.

Roundtable: Bare Lives (exhibition opening, book launch, and artist talk with artist Mario Rizzi, curator Solvej Ovesen, Syrian poet Ramy Al Asheq, curator Charlotte Bank, curator Solvej Ovesen, and Syrian writer Souad Abbas), Galerie Wedding, 2017-2018 programme Unsustainable Privileges, 1 June 2017, Berlin/Germany.

Ruhrorter Salons: Series of curated public lectures, screenings, and discussions as part of Ruhrorter refugee theatre and art collective, Mülheim an der Ruhr/Germany. [Events: 15 April 2017 ‘Flucht und Traum: Überlegungen zur politischen Rolle der Fiktion’ (with Jonas Tinius and Alexander Weinstock); 21 May 2017 ‚Goethe und die Migration: Über gespaltene Gesellschaften’ (mit Roberto Ciulli); 29 June 2017 ‚Fluchtursache Atheismus: Perspektiven aus Bangladesh’ with M. Hasan Hera and Ahmed Nadir, Kunstmuseum Mülheim].

Seminar series/Institutskolloquium: “Modes of Relating: Methodologies in/for a Contemporary Anthropology”. Co-organiser with Dr Martina Klausner of weekly Institutskolloquium (faculty seminar series, 12 in total) for the Centre of Anthropological Research on Museums and Heritage and the Department of European Ethnology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin/Germany. SS 2017.

Roundtable: ‘Design, failure, and the globalization of risk’. Moderated discussion with Prof Arjun Appadurai and Bonaventure Ndikung, SAVVY Contemporary, Berlin/Germany. 10 January 2017.



Seminar: ‘On Detachment and Relations’. Chaired discussion with Prof Hallvard Lillehammer (Philosophy, Birkbeck) and Dr Matei Candea (Anthropology, Cambridge) at the Centre for Research of the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge/UK. 25 April 2016.



Workshop: Re-Theorising the Avant-Garde Today: Interdisciplinary Perspectives. Co-convened with Prof Georgina Born (Music & Anthropology, Oxford) and Dr Chris Haworth (Music, Oxford). King’s College, University of Cambridge/UK. 12-13 December 2015. Keynote: Prof Branden W. Joseph (Art History, Columbia, NY/USA).

Workshop: Contemporary Anthropologies of Art. Co-convened with Dr Alex Flynn (Anthropology, Durham). Department of Anthropology, University of Durham/UK. 8 September 2015. Keynote: Prof Arnd Schneider (Anthropology, Oslo).

Panel: ‘Micro-Utopias: Exploring Connections in Anthropology, Relationality, and Creativity’. Co-convened with Dr Ruy Blanes (Bergen), Dr Maïté Maskens (Brussels), Dr Alex Flynn (Durham). 12th SIEF Congress. Zagreb/Croatia, 21-25 June 2015.

Conference: Creative Labour(er). Anthropological Perspectives on the Work of Art. King’s College, University of Cambridge/UK, 8 June 2015. Keynote: Prof Georgina Born (Music & Anthropology, Oxford).

Symposium: Making a Scene! An Interdisciplinary Symposium, King’s College, Cambridge/UK, 12 January 2015. Keynote: Prof Peter W. Marx (Media Culture and Theatre, Cologne, Germany).



Conference: The Politics of Framing and Staging: Performance as Paradigm II. Centre for Research of the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities (CRASSH), Cambridge/UK. 8 December 2014 (convened with Dr Zoe Svendsen, Dr Clare Foster, Dr Floris Schuiling). Keynote: Prof Joe Kelleher (Theatre, Roehampton).

Panel: ‘Relational Patrons: Perspectives on intimate and transnational art collaborations’. European Association of Social Anthropologists Conference 2014. Tallinn/Estonia, 2 August 2014.




Talk and roundtable (invited): ‘Monde de l’art contemporain, partage du sensible, et passions identitaires en Europe et la Meditérranée’, 2eme Forum Franco-Allemand de la Méditerranée, Aix-en-Provence et Marseille, organisé par  Sciences Po Aix, IMéRA Marseille, CFAP, et Konrad Adenauer Stiftung. Aix-en-Provence et Marseille/France, 21-22 November 2018. [LINK]

Guest lecture, book launch, and seminar (invited): ‚Andere kuratorische Praktiken – Rethinking museums and heritage’. ‚educating, curating, managing’ (ecm) Masterlehrgang für Ausstellungstheorie & Praxis, University of Applied Arts & Workshop at Weltmuseum, Vienna/Austria. 16-17 November 2018. 

Symposium (invited): ‘Ethnografie und Methode’. Doing Theory. Theaterforschung unn ästhetische Praxis. Studiobühne (Münchener Theaterwissenschaft), Institut für Theaterwissenschaft, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München. Munich/Germany, 26-27 October 2018.

Symposium presentation (invited): ‘Temporality, Ontology, and Contemporary Art’ (in conversation with curator and artist Wura Natasha-Ogunji) as part of Goethe-Institute Brazil funded symposium ‘Art beyond the horizon: rethinking the meridian of aesthetics and politics’. Sao Paulo Biennale of Contemporary Art. PIVÔ, São Paulo, Brazil. 28-29 September 2018.

Chair (invited): ‘Beast of No Nation (B.O.N.N.) – Gastropolitics and Migration Roundtable with Emeka Ogboh, Carrie Hampel, Regina Römhild’, opening of UP Symposium in the framework of the bi-annual curatorial programme Unsustainable Privileges(UP), curated by Solvej Helveg Ovesen and Bonaventure Soh Bejeng Ndikung, Gallerie Wedding, Berlin-Wedding/Germany. 26-30 September 2018. 

Art fair talk (invited): ‘Is culture something you own or something you share?’ CHART (Copenhagen Art Fair – leading Nordic Art Fair) talk series organised and invited by ArtForum, Konsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen/Denmark, 3 September 2018. [LINK]

Discussant (invited): ‘Aesthetic Encounters: The Politics of Moving and (Un)settling Visual Arts, Design and Literature’ (convened by Prof Helena Wulff and Prof Thomas Fillitz). Biannual Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA), Stockholm/Sweden. 14–17 August 2018. [LINK]

Conference presentation: ‘Collections, Colonialism, and the Curatorial’ (with Larissa Förster and Margareta von Oswald). CARMAH Research Encounter #1. Berlin-Brandenburgische Akademie der Wissenschaften. Berlin/Germany, 6 July 2018.

Discussant (invited): ‘The Humboldt Forum and Contemporary Art’ (presentation on Asian Art Museum in Humboldt Forum by director Klaas Ruitenbeck).Dismantling Neo-Empire: Asia-Pacific. two-day workshop at HKW and ICI. Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin/Germany. 21 June 2018. 

Conference Presentation (invited): ‘Transforming the Ethnographic: Anthropology, Museums, and Colonialism’ (with Margareta von Oswald and Larissa Förster). Exchanging Perspectives: Anthropologies, Museum Collections, and Colonial Legacies between Paris and Berlin. CARMAH & Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin/Germany. 6–8 June 2018.

Panel presentation: ‘The Culture State: German Theatre, Bildung, and Political Self-Cultivation’. Panel 065: ‘The State of the Art’ (convened by Dr Michał Murawski and Dr Nikolai Ssorin-Chaikov) at ‘Art, Materiality, and Representation’, Major Conference of the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland, British Museum/SOAS, London/UK. 1-3 June 2018. [LINK]



Seminar (invited): ‘Reviewer meets reviewed’ (with Dr Roger Sansi). Seminar at the British Museum, organised by the Royal Anthropological Institute, London

Conference (invited): ‘Cultivating character: detachment in theatre and German society’. Anthropology of Character conference organised by Dr Adam Reed. Department of Social Anthropology, University of St Andrews/Scotland. 1-2 September 2016.

Conference (invited): Discussant for 'The Art of Slowing Down' (Panel 086) at EASA 2016 (Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists), Milan, 20-23 July 2016.

Podiumsdiskussion (eingeladen): 'Kultur und Flucht - Möglichkeitsräume in der Krise?' mit Oliver Keymis (Landtagsvizepräsident NRW), Helmut Schäfer (Dramaturg, Theater an der Ruhr), Ulle Schauws (MdB, Sprecherin Kulturpolitik, Bündnis 90/Die Grünen), Theater an der Ruhr, Mülheim, 28 Juni 2016, 19.00h. (Link)

Conference (invited): ‘Appropriating Universal Centrality: Containing the World in Berlin’s new Humboldt Forum’ (with Dr Khadija von Zinnenburg Carroll). ‘The Centre Cannot Hold’? New Monumentality, Neo-Modernism and Other Zombie Urban Utopias conference and exhibition hosted by the UCL SSEES FRINGE Centre, The Calvert 22 Gallery, the UCL Grand Challenges Fund and the UCL School of Slavonic and Eastern European Studies, University College London/ UK, organised by Dr Michal Murawski (UCL) and Dr Jonathan Bach (New School, NYU), 10-11 June 2016.

Conference (invited): ‘Rehearsing conduct and gesture: notes on art as ethical practice’. The Ethics of Gesture conference organised by Dr Lucia Ruprecht at Emmanuel College, University of Cambridge/UK. 16 April 2016. Keynote: Prof Rebecca Schneider (Brown/USA).

Conference (invited): ‘Engaging art: urban diversity, public institutions, and the ‘refugee crisis’’. Experiencing Difference and Diversity in Contemporary Germany conference organised by Prof Sharon Macdonald and Dr Jan-Jonathan Bock. Institute for European Ethnology, Humboldt University of Berlin/Germany. 14-16 April 2016.



Conference (invited): ‘Observing art: On performance, prisms, and reflexivity. Third industry get-together of the state association of freelance performing artists. Berlin/Germany, 10 October 2015.

Conference: ‘The Work of Art: Labour, Creativity and Postfordism’. German Society for European Ethnology. Bonn/Germany, 24-26 September 2015.

Conference: ‘‘Eine Einstellung zur Arbeit’: Labour, Conduct, and Frames in Harun Farocki’s short-film project’. German Screen Studies Network Conference. University of Cambridge/UK, 9-11 July 2015.

Congress: ‘Refugee theatre and engagement’. 12th SIEF Congress. Zagreb/Croatia, 21-25 June 2015.

Conference (invited): ‘Anthropology of Creative Institutions’, Barcelona/Spain, 10-12 June 2015.

Emerging Scholar Lecture (invited): ‘The Work of Art: Anthropology, Labour, and Postfordism’, Cambridge University Student Anthropology Society. Cambridge/UK, 7 May 2015.

Conference (invited): ‘(Per)forming new artistic institutions’. Modes of organisation and creation in the performing arts. Université Lumière-Lyon 2 & Université Stendhal-Grenoble 3/France, 1-3 April 2015

Chair (invited): The Drama of Intellectual Life: Performativity in the Study of Ideas. Prof Patrick Baert and Dr Marcus Morgan. Centre for Research in the Arts, Social Sciences, and Humanities/UK, 29 May 2015.

Seminar: ‘The Work of Art’, King’s College Graduate Seminar. Cambridge/UK, 13 March 2015.



Conference: 'State of the Art Exception – Refugee Theatre and the aesthetics of Absence'. 113th Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association. Washington, D.C./USA, 6 December 2014.

Conference (invited): ‘(Per)forming a theatre’. Symposium ‘Institutions on trial’. University Hildesheim/Germany, 14-16 November 2014.

Conference (invited): ‘How refugee theatre engages political aesthetics’. For a Poetics of Critical Political Theatre in Europe. British Academy Conference. University of Cambridge/UK, 19-20 September 2014.

Conference: ‘The Unethical Aesthetic. Provenance, patronage & the Gurlitt case’. European Association of Social Anthropologists Conference. Tallinn/Estonia, 2 August 2014.



Congress: ‘Bastardos of all countries unite! On international theatre exchange and an aesthetics of transformation’. 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences. University of Manchester/UK, 9 August 2013.

Guest lecture (invited): ‘The international theatrelandscapes project of the German Theater an der Ruhr’, Performing Arts & Development Series, University of East London/UK, 19 July 2013.

Conference: ‘Artistic Critique and Patronage in Germany’, Sociology of Theatre and Performance Research Group. Goldsmiths, London/UK, 31 May 2013.