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Institutskolloquium im Sommersemester 2019

  • Wann 14.05.2019 von 14:00 bis 16:00
  • Wo Hausvogteiplatz 5-7, Raum 0007
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Quer-Denken - A Cosmo-Politics of Urbanthropocene?

Anders Blok (University of Copenhagen), Regina Römhild (HU Berlin), Jörg Niewöhner (HU Berlin)



This Querdenken session will use three inputs from recent ethnographic work to draw out different facets of cosmopolitics and cosmopolitanism. Both concepts - while significantly different in genealogy and intent - somehow try to capture the political and value-laden nature of 'composing', representing or critiquing shared worlds - or exclusions therefrom. We discuss from different vantage points - incl. Beck, Braidotti, Latour, Stengers - where common ground and differences lie and what this means for current research in anthropocenic (urban) contexts. As always, the audience is invited to join in, so bring your thoughts and put your discussion hat on.

Anders Blok is an Associate Professor of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. His current research focuses on civic-professional interactions in urban climate politics in East Asia and Europe. He has published previously within the areas of science & technology studies, urban studies, environmental sociology and social theory. He is co-author (with Torben E. Jensen) of Bruno Latour: Hybrid Thoughts in a Hybrid World (Routledge 2011), and co-editor (with Ignacio Farías) of Urban Cosmopolitics: Agencements, Assemblies, Atmospheres (Routledge 2016).

Regina Römhild is a cultural anthropologist and professor at the Institute for European Ethnology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Her main fields of teaching and research are critical migration and border regime studies, Europe in postcolonial, globally entangled perspective, Mediterranean & political anthropology. Among her current interdisciplinary engagements is the collaboration with colleagues and PhD researchers in the Research Training Group “Minor Cosmopolitanisms” that aims at establishing new ways of studying and understanding the cosmopolitan project against and beyond its Eurocentric legacies.

Jörg Niewöhner is Professor for Human-Enviroment Relations at the Institute of European Ethnology of Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, and director of the Integrative Research Institute: Transformations of Human-Environment Systems (IRI THESys). He is interested in the anthropology of science and technology, environment|human relations and critical medical anthropology and currently working on an ecological or relational anthropology in the fields of global environmental change (sustainability transition, land use competition) and the life sciences (psychiatry, epigenetics, local biologies).


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