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Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Institut für Europäische Ethnologie

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin | Institut für Europäische Ethnologie | Termine | Workshop „Approaching chronicity in mental healthcare: the doings of a classification and its infrastructures“

Workshop „Approaching chronicity in mental healthcare: the doings of a classification and its infrastructures“

Abschlussworkshop des Forschungsprojekts „Chronizität im Alltag psychiatrischer Versorgung“
Wann 20.11.2015 von 09:30 bis 18:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC100) iCal
Wo Labor Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung ((Raum wird noch bekannt gegeben), Institut für Europäische Ethnologie der Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Mohrenstraße 41, 10117 Berlin

Guest discussants: Michele Lancione, Henriette Langstrup, Jeannette Pols

This workshop aims at presenting and discussing the central interpretations of our ethnographic research project titled "The Production of Chronicity in Mental Healthcare and Research in Berlin" (2010-2016, funded by the German Research Foundation DFG).

Dedicated to the field of Science and Technology Studies we investigated the classification "chronically mentally ill" as an actor in a variety of mental healthcare services in Berlin, reaching from psychiatric wards and day hospitals to therapeutic day care and contemporary housing programmes, among others. Additionally we followed the classification in the lives of people with psychiatric diagnosis and in both current psychiatric research and healthcare services research in Germany. Participating in these diverse settings, we have focused on the socio-material activities of classifying with special emphasis on the infrastructures implicated. For instance we engaged with the daily challenges and routines in tuning therapeutic and organizational tasks and got into administrative and legal papers for scrutinizing their relation to the daily healthcare practices.

Drawing upon our ethnographic material, we will discuss the meanings the classification "chronically ill" acquires in mental healthcare through institutional, regulative and private practices. We will debate examples of classifying subjects or phenomena as "chronic" in clinical and community mental health care services. Additionally we will bring to discussion how medical and legal classifications co-articulate in policy affords to regulate the mental healthcare system. Finally we will present how mental healthcare support has been experienced by clients and how these experiences inform our ecological understanding of care.

Registration is free, but places are limited. Please register till Oct 30, 2015 by sending an Email to: milena.bister(at)staff.hu-berlin.de


We are looking forward to your participation!

The organizers
Milena Bister, Martina Klausner, Jörg Niewöhner