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Workshop "Transnational Memory" with Dr. Chiara de Cesari (Amsterdam)

  • Wann 07.06.2016 von 10:00 bis 12:00 (Europe/Berlin / UTC200)
  • Wo 107a
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Before her lecture on „Museums of Europe: Tangles of Memory, Borders, and Race“ in the evening of the same day, Tuesday, June 7, 18.00 at the Institute’s and CARMaH’s Colloquium on „European Heritage and Memory Politics“ there will be this further opportunity to get into more personal discussion with Chiara de Cesari in a workshop which is open to all interested Master students, PhD and Postdoc Researchers.

Chiara de Cesari is a socio-cultural anthropologist trained at Stanford University where she completed her PhD on Palestinian heritage and memory politics in 2009. Currently, she holds a double appointment in European Studies and in Cultural Studies at the University of Amsterdam. Her most recent interest is in the making of European heritage and memory politics with a specific focus on its blind spots, e.g. in relation to colonialism.
In this workshop we will draw on Chiara’s work on “Transnational Memory” and discuss the possibilities we have on applying this concept to our research on heritage and museum institutions in Berlin, and beyond, of corse. For analyzing the apparent changes in the museum landscape of the city, looking at the presence of absence of transnational memories seems like an unavoidable task. At the same time, if we as ethnographers want to have an impact on the exhibitions, pushing the museums to consider diversity more, and to critically reconsider the national as the main point of departure, we need concepts that can support us in that. In this workshop we will discuss to which extent ‘Transnational Memory’ can help us with that. The workshop will be practically orientated giving room for participants to discuss their own research experiences and use of the concept.
For preparation, please read the introduction to: Transnational Memory: Circulation, Articulation, Scales, edited Chiara de Cesary & Ann Rigney. Berlin: de Gruyter 2014, Media and Cultural Memory series.