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Prof. Dr. Andrew Gilbert

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Prof. Dr. Andrew Gilbert
Vertretungsprofessur für Stadtanthropologie
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Humboldt-Universität → Präsidium → Philosophische Fakultät → Institut für Europäische Ethnologie → Europäische Ethnologie mit Schwerpunkt Stadtanthropologie
Mohrenstraße 40/41 , Raum 313

I am a broadly trained sociocultural anthropologist with over 20 years of research experience, most of it in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  My research explores the possibilities and politics of social transformation in contexts of historical upheaval, be it international intervention in the aftermath of war, labor struggles to protect the possibility of a secure livelihood, or citizen activism to preserve urban life-worlds from the diverse forces that would undermine them.  My work is increasingly collaborative and experiments with the political and ethnographic potential of diverse media. 


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