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Dr. Samir Harb

Dr. Samir Harb
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Humboldt-Universität → Präsidium → Philosophische Fakultät → Institut für Europäische Ethnologie → Europäische Ethnologie mit Schwerpunkt Stadtanthropologie
Sitz Anton-Wilhelm-Amo-Str. 40/41, Raum 301

Samir Harb’s project focuses on the political ecology of cement production and its socio-ecological networks. By studying the multi-scalar relationships associated with cement production, he attempts to investigate How cement becomes a key agent in constituting new poltical and geographic imaginaries.

His research project explores the environmental impact of cement production, with a focus on the EU Green Deal’s goal of achieving Net-Zero CO2 emissions by 2050. He will investigate the political and ecological changes that are taking place in the cement production industry to achieve this objective. In particular, he will examine the introduced technologies and how engineers will implement them. Cement production is a complex process that involves a variety of ecological relationships. Therefore, the reseach will analyse cement production from multiple geographic scales, including energy consumption, raw material extraction, construction activities, and environmental impact. Governments, industry, and international organisations have identified the cement industry as critical for implementing the decarbonisation agenda. Consequently, new regulations are being developed to ensure the industry achieves Net-Zero CO2 emissions. His research will explore how the industry can meet this ambitious goal?