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Night spaces: migration, culture and InTegration in Europe [NITE]

Projektzeitraum: April 2019 - November 2022 | Förderinstitution: HERA Joint Research Programme »Public Spaces: Culture and Integration in Europe


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How are night spaces imagined, produced, experienced and narrated by migrant communities in Europe?
This research project considers this question in eight European cities: Aarhus, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cork, Galway, Lisbon, London, Rotterdam. Authorities have historically wrestled with the issue of night-time control, and the hours after dark are often still perceived as harbouring threats to public order and potential criminality. Yet current policy attention to night-time urban cultures and economies, exemplified by the creation of the office of Night Mayor (Amsterdam, 2014) and Night Czar (London, 2016), illustrates increasing interest in the urban night. NITE’s transdisciplinary, humanities-led research will contribute otherwise overlooked evidence on the production, experience and narration of urban night spaces by communities who have mobilised around migrant identities or histories. The researchers investigate these spaces in their material, symbolic and virtual dimensions: traditional public spaces (streets, squares), also in relation to private spaces, alongside semi-public commercial and cultural venues (cultural centres; bars and nightclubs; hotels) and new virtual spaces (digital apps).
In the NITE project we understand night spaces as important sites of crisis and regeneration, memory and heritage, community solidarity and growth; and night-time culture (expressed, amongst other forms, through music, film, digital platforms, performance) as opening up spaces of belonging and intercultural understanding.




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