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Dr. Elisabeth Luggauer

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Dr. Elisabeth Luggauer
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Elisabeth Luggauer has a background in the continuum of Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology. Her research interests emerge mostly from the intersections between ‘the urban’ and ‘the environmental’.

In her PhD project (University of Graz, Austria) Elisabeth explored how humans and stray dogs inhabiting Podgorica (Montenegro) co-make the city as a multispecies everyday space.

Associated with the Stadtlabor and the ERC-WAVEMATTERS project, Elisabeth is currently focusing on the exposure of multispecies entanglements to urban heat.

Her habilitation project “The Green and the City” approaches urban meshworks from the anthropocenic and capitalocenic dynamics of global warming, pays attention to concepts of urban cohabitation heat induces or provokes, and researches how green – as entanglements of species and organisms – becomes enacted and acts in ideas of future urban cohabitations.



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