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The Laboratory: Anthropology Of Environment | Human Relations

invites to the field trip of this summer term to “Greifswalder D.I.Y.”!


This is a skatepark and community place, built by a group of skaters and “tolerated” by the property owner and the city administration. 


Organisation: Sabine Biedermann


When? May 30th , 10-12

Where? Lilli-Henoch-Straße 21, 10405 Berlin

What? After a brief tour of the place and introductory words, I’ll give you some guiding questions to scout out the place by yourself or in pairs, and then discuss our thoughts and findings together again. 


We will meet at 10 in the corner of Greifswalder Str. And Lilli-Henoch Str and walk in together. Please bring a notepad, and/or camera, and/or recorder, or whatever helps you gather your impressions. If you arrive after 10 you can follow google maps indications and meet us at the skatepark, the last part is a dirt road with the signs “Zirkus mond” and “Kollage Kollektiv”.


If you want to know a bit more about the space, its history, and how it is used beforehand you can visit the following links:


This space is accessible to wheelchair and mobility aid users with difficulty. If you need any assistance, please let me know.

Please note that there is only one eco-toilet at the spot that is not wheelchair accessible and not always usable.

If you are the caretaker of a child on this timeslot you are welcome to join with the child if you wish so.

Bring some water, and snacks to share if you like!


Don't hesitate to contact Sabine Biedermann if you have any questions


We are looking forward to seeing many of you there!